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This highly-educational periodical has become the cornerstone in the libraries of many top seed sellers and helps them improve their sales skills, regardless of what kinds of seed they sell. Sign Up Now - Button Green This is the only training source dedicated to selling seed and is used by top seed companies, dealers, retailers and cooperatives all across the world.

Train each month on:

  • Overcoming sales obstacles
  • How to handle Trouble Calls with customers
  • Protecting your products from Mother Nature
  • “What To Say” on a sales call and “How to say It”
  • Q&A's from fellow Seed Sellers
  • Achieving your dream sales goal
  • The Most Effective Way To Stay In Touch With The 21st Century Marketplace Every Month

    The Seed Seller Training Journal will provide you and your entire sales Team with a constant source of new ideas, information and motivation on the art of seed selling. Subscribe today to the most up-to-date and exciting sales training publication available.

  • Tips, Strategies and Tactics to Grow Sales
  • 6 Issues Per Year
  • 2 Digital Issues
  • Exclusive Digital Content
  • $110.00 per year (US Funds)
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  • Tips, Strategies and Tactics to Grow Sales
  • 6 Issues Per Year
  • 2 Digital Issues
  • Exclusive Digital Content
  • $190.00 / yr. (US Funds)
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    The Seed Seller Training Journal is used by top seed sellers, both full-time and part-time, across the globe, with subscribers in over 7 continents, 6 countries and in more than 40 states in the U.S.

    Get everyone performing at the same level with the Seed Seller Training Journal!

  • Keep everyone’s head “in the sales game” all year long
  • Increase your team’s Selling IQ every single month
  • Create geometric company growth
  • All you have to do is subscribe your team; we’ll do the rest.

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    "I look forward to getting my copy of the Seed Seller Training Journal. It keeps me pumped-up and focused on achieving my goals in my sales territory."

    - DSM - Central Iowa

    "In our company the Seed Seller Training Journal is mandatory reading. It also serves as a great platform to train and challenge each other at our monthly sales meetings."

    - General Manager, IL

    "Selling seed is like no other product. Having a publication like the Seed Seller to train with, keeps me sharp and thinking ahead of my competitors."

    - Sales Manager


    Rod Osthus
    President of the R.C. Thomas Company

    After nearly 40 years in the seed industry Rod has emerged as the #1 Seed Sales Trainer and Consultant in North America. Rod has spent his entire life devoted to agriculture and has extensive experience ranging from production, quality control, research, and has spent the last 25 years focusing on sales.

    Rod understands hand-to-hand combat in the field because nearly 100% of his time is spent helping companies and their sales force on ways to increase sales. Attendees will learn from, enjoy listening to, how Rod relates real life scenarios to actual selling situations.

    • 40 Years in the Seed Industry
    • Nearly 6 years in Plant breeding & Research
    • Registered Seed Technologist
    • 17 Years as Sales Trainer & President of R.C. Thomas Company

    Tami Fraser
    Sales Rep - Verenium Corporation
    19 year veteran ofAg/ Seed Sales

    Tami Fraser is one of the top sales representatives in North America. Her extensive background in the areas of chemical, seed and enzyme sectors have allowed her to showcase her success all across Canada and the United States.

    Tami brings a unique and invaluable female voice to an industry that has been dominated by men since its inception. She has proved that gender has nothing to do with one's success in life and been kind enough to share her secrets, skills and insights with the readers of the SeedSeller since 2005.

    Tami currently works for Verenium Corporation in the capacity of Fuelzyme-LF Sales Representative. Her sales territory covers the upper mid-west area of the United States and also western Canada. Verenium is a publicly traded American company that is based in San Diego, CA. Its primary focus is to isolate, develop and commercialize all sorts of enzymes that are found in nature. Tami specifically works with grain ethanol enzymes.

    • 14 years at Bayer CropScience
    • 3.5 years Millborn Seed Company
    • 4.5 years with Verenium Corporation


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